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Trade & Financial cases

Unfair competition

Customers' turning away

Illicit work

Searches for debtors

Pre-hiring debtors

Schedule checking

Inner robberies - Firm infiltration

Mysterious customer

Shadowing & watching


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Private Individuals


Family cases

Divorces. Child custody

Pre-mariage enquiries

Compensatory alemony

Inheritance searches

Real estate cases

Penal cross investigation

Heritage evaluation

Litigation negotiation

Shadowing & watching


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The LEGAL DETECTIVE INVESTIGATIONS (L.D.I) provides you with its means and experience in inquery & investigation with drawing full benefits from its rich past expérience of investigator it will be able to guarantee you the best professionalism based on exactness, competence & discretion.

◘ The L.D.I agency has specialised in investigation & collecting strategic information in order to protect your rights & interests. Our investigations will enable you either to solve your problems at your level or to take them to the competent authority. So, you will be given a report which will help you take your legal administrative or family steps (Torino case, 7 th November 1962. 2nd civil section. Brunet against Garnier).
THE MEANS Reseau national France Détectives

◘ We use the most technical means : specialised vehicles, up to date video and photo equipment, computer analysis, moto, micro and video detection equipment, print taking ......

◘ The investigations staff is highly experienced in investigating, watching and intelligence. Experienced in any investigation technique, the staff will work according to the present legislation an in confidence.



The consultancy has been helping firms, small businesses, salesmen, law-representatives, credit organisms, banks, debt collecting firms, private individuals and soon ....

Your problems & difficulties will receive a particular attention. You will be proposed optimal solutions in accordance with the ethics of private investigation profession. Do not hesitate to contact us, the interview to provide advice & orientation being entirely free, confidential & without any obligation on your part >>>>contact us you will get an estimation within 24 hours.

Do not indulge in investigating without advice but call an investigation professional. Your intervening could turn any future inquiry into a failure and thus be irreversibly harmful. The consultancy can provide you with efficient help and assistance through its seriousness and competence. Our know-how will bring a quick answer to the missions you will be led to antrust our agency with.


The consultants carry out most of their missions in the south of France area, but since we are not territory limited we can efficiently intervene on a national as well as international scale. A private investigator's mission.

Even without mentioning his status or revealing the aim of the mission, consists in collecting information or intelligence meant for third parties so as to defend their own interests.


◘ The LDI consultancy has been entitled to archieve inquiries & investigation reports enabling to efficiently fight against fraud to insurances. Our customers are mutual insurance compagnies, but the insured as well.

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◘ Our experience & our means enable us to defend your interests outside our borders. Our consultancy is specialised in inquiries abroad (Europe, the US, Souts America and Morocco, Tunisia as well es all the sub-saharien French speaking African countries).

◘ Our services abroad are meant for professional dealing with trade & financial cases, but they extend to private individuals in any private inquiry scope.

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◘ The LDI consultancy offers you its competence in penal inquiry. Our agency will resort to all its means in order to advise & assiste you in any legal cross inquiry.

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